Who invented smartphone, Difference between Smartphones and mobile, What is smartphone, SIMON Personal Communicator

Who invented smartphone

For all of us, the use of smartphones has become a habit. There is  lots of smartphones in market like iPhone Gionee Nokia Samsung. have we ever thought that who invented smartphone? Which company was created by smartphone? Let’s look at the answers to many questions we look at today’s post “Who invented smartphone”.

Who invented smartphone

In an interview with Collier magazine in 1926, legendary scientist and inventor Nicola Tesla placed a technical thinking in front of people who had revolutionized change in the lives of users. Nikola Tesla will not even have the impression that the name of this technology will be a smartphone in the future.

What is smartphone

There was no idea and no thought like what is smartphone. People did not start using the word “smartphone” until 1995, but the first true smartphone was actually made three years ago (in 1992).

SIMON Personal Communicator

This is called the SIMON Personal Communicator. It was made by IBM by Apple about 15 years before the iPhone market lane.

According to the Byte magazine, IBM’s Simon was the first phone to work together on a cell phone and PDA. It launches with a service contract with a price tag of $ 899.

The SIMON Personal Communicator smartphone had a monochrome LCD touchscreen measuring 4.5 inches and 1.4 inches. Regardless of this, its SIMON Personal Communicator was ahead of its time.

Difference between Smartphones and mobile

Key Difference between Smartphones and mobile: Smartphones are any mobile phones. Smartphones offer a variety of features that allow advanced computing capability and connectivity. A common phone number A normal phone is a simple phone that only needs telephony services.

Who invented smartphone

Difference between Smartphones and mobile,Who invented smartphone,What is smartphone
Difference between Smartphones and mobile,Who invented smartphone,What is smartphone


Smartphones With the smartphone boom in today’s world Smartphones started from cellphones, which were advanced to the technology today and convert them into smartphones. A smartphone is a phone’s computing capabilities and an operating system powering the device.

Smartphones are basically that – a mini computer They offer a variety of features such as calling capabilities, computing capabilities, video Confarensing, online surfing, Cmers, media players, GPS navigation units, Atck Any mobile phone that lets you work on a computer Smartphones are powered by operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, etc. The term ‘Smrtfone’ was introduced into the market by Ericsson in 1997, when it used the word to describe its GS 88 ‘Penelope’ concept as a smartphone.

However, with the increasing technology and offerings in a phone, the category has expanded to include all new features that are currently available in the market.

Mobile or normal phone

Mobile or Normal Phone has a normal phone number A normal phone is a simple phone that only needs telephony services. A normal phone can be referred to as a cell phone and may also include simple features such as calendar, alarm, games, monophonic ringtones, basic camera, WAP browser, Atck It does not support an operating system, Wi-Fi or any other ‘technologically advanced’ features that are available in smartphones Normal phones are a step above basic phones and also include downloading applications provided by carrier, browsing websites that are altered for the WAP browser, a numeric keypad, Atck

Smartphones and general phones are two different categories of cell phones. With the smartphone buff, normal phones have taken a backseat and have become limited. The Normal Phones category does not exactly have a set definition, as the term changes with the upgrade in technology every time. The term has also been adapted based on the companies that are trying to promote their ‘smartphones’. Normal phones still exist in small numbers catering to the market…….

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